We love to recruit and enable visionary entrepreneurs and young start-ups

Startups Acceleration Program

We love to recruit and enable visionary entrepreneurs and young start-ups through a rigorous selection process followed by providing support system and targeted professional services, tools, resources, and mentors for these companies.

We provide you with the following:

A fair valuation with great terms.

Hands-on and operational experience.

Support in next financing round.

Recruiting talented people.

Marketing and Business development support.


Regional Access:

Facilitate market accessibility in your region through co.’s network.

One to one Mentorship:

Personal mentorship by real entrepreneurs who have had the same experience and who understand startup businesses and their resource challenges.

Business Development Support:

Support for lead generation, client meetings, establishing CABs, and more.

Industry Expertise:

Access to experts who have the technical and market know-how you need to advance.

Technical Support:

Provide trusted experts that can take care of the MVP phase and above.

Strategy Support:

Strategy Support: Support in matters of strategy and ensure strategy is well-executed .

Funding Support:

Funding Support: Prepare startups for the next round of financing.

Operational Support:

Support in all operational matters including recruitment, finance, and more .

Monthly Performance Review:

Create and manage KPIs to monitor startup performance.

Hands-on Management:

Provide hands-on management support to fill gaps in execution strategy